It’s simple: we want to show the heart of your relationship and your day, as honestly and with as much care as possible.

Wedding days feel like a treasure hunt to us - they’re made up of thousands of in-between moments that represent the richest parts of life. In many ways your photos become your memories. As your vision of the day fades you’re left with a feeling, and it’s our ultimate goal for your images to bring you back to that feeling each time you view them.

We make images that will ring true in a wedding album forever, rather than those that may fleetingly perform well on social media. We won’t stage or edit as trends dictate, because we want your day to stay unscripted, spontaneous, and unique to you.

We will be there to anticipate and capture the people and moments that matter most. We’ll create space for the day to happen naturally, we’ll add to the fun, and we’ll laugh and cry by your sides throughout!

Doin' it for the feels

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Down to my core, I believe in honesty, authenticity and integrity, and I pour every ounce of that into my work, just pure emotion. It’s my idea that our lives are messy works of art; through the grit, the ups and downs and tears and smiles, it’s beautiful just as it is. That’s why it truly lights my soul on fire when I get to capture stories through the lens of my camera, just as they honestly and authentically are.

Hey, I’m Emily – If my friends were to describe me in just one word, it would be “real.

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I love meeting new people and it is a huge priority of mine that my clients feel at ease when they are with me! During a session or wedding, I love the sweet and heartfelt moments that often happen naturally or with very little work on my part. And, at the same time, I also love joking around and truly having a good time together and making you feel comfortable enough to be yourselves and have a good time with the ones you love. Lastly, I will never stop being inspired by the beauty mother nature provides & the natural beauty in each and every one of you!

Hey, I’m Lindsey– I am always so honored to be there sharin' and capturing the most special day of your lives with you

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  • I’m a textbook Taurus - down to earth, reliable, heartfelt and sensual.
  • The ocean is my happy place. And my dream vacation includes anywhere I can dip my toes in the sand! Counting down the seconds til I am back in those happy places!
  • A true midwestern gal by heart, you can find me spending time on our hobby farm with my husband and our three kiddos.

Facts about Emily

  • I recently moved to a new house in the country with my husband and two boys and we couldn’t be happier
  • I went to school for cosmetology.
  • I grew up on a farm.

Facts about Lindsey



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